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Enterprise tenet: Integrity builds quality, innovation leads the future, brings smarter home life for human beings

Business purpose: reputation first, users first, quality satisfaction, maintain the concept of sustainable management, pursue the quality policy of truth, goodness and beauty, and would like to cooperate sincerely with you and develop hand in hand.

Service tenet: Warmly receive new and old customers, understand customer needs exactly; strict quality process control to ensure contract delivery cycle; timely quality tracking, quickly handle quality objections.

Quality tenet: To meet customers' expectations and requirements for the physical quality of products with superior domestic and international standards.

Enterprise spirit: innovation, dedication, excellent quality

People-oriented, sincere unity

Integrity cooperation, excellence, multilateral win-win

Reputable in China, famous in the world

Corporate Vision: Create a Chinese famous brand and produce world-class products.

Marketing strategy: create value for users and win friends for enterprises

Unique varieties, excellent quality, moderate price, prompt delivery, flexible strategy and high quality service.

Enterprise style: economy stresses efficiency, management stresses system, principle of handling affairs, efficiency of work.

Corporate ethics: always maintain a sense of responsibility to society

Abide by national laws and regulations and social ethics

Create benefits for shareholders, employees, customers and society

Respect human rights and environment, and strive to achieve the coordinated development of enterprises and society

Abide by science, love positions and dedication, fulfill due diligence, pragmatic, progressive, and integrity to win the world

Business Philosophy: People have nothing but me, people have me, people have me, and people have me.

Value concept: Leading thinking, people-oriented.

Realize the value of the company and employees in dedication

While improving the operating efficiency and promoting the development of the enterprise, return to the society

Business strategy: fairness, justice, openness, safety, convenience, high efficiency, integrity, neutrality, standardization, implementation of the company's brand strategy, enterprise and employees grow together, and cultivate the core competitiveness of the company

Optimize the allocation of resources, develop economies of scale Create a learning organization, improve the resilience of enterprises and cooperate with partners to create new values ​​and markets

Build a trust relationship with customers and achieve the goal of maximizing customer benefits

Employee's motto: continuous innovation, forge ahead, step by step, every day is the starting point; high quality service, hear thrills in the subtle place. With the success of customers, only our success; with the success of employees, only the success of the company Harmonization of relations, militarization of organizational discipline, institutionalization of learning, and modernization of e-commerce.

Team concept: the same goal, leading the load, tacit trust, and risk sharing.

The goal of the enterprise is to create the most advanced intelligent technology. In the process of achieving this goal, everyone must be loyal to their team, bravely shoulder heavy burdens, realize their potential, work hard, and strive to be a "leader wolf" in the team; trust each other, cooperate in harmony, be willing to dedicate, and make every effort In the fierce market competition, to fight the waves, overcome difficulties, and finally realize the value of one's life while achieving the strategic goals of the company's development.

Innovation concept: continuous innovation, tolerance and failure

Continuous innovation is the source and driving force for the survival and development of enterprises. To create the most competitive boutique enterprises, we must create a strong innovation atmosphere and always support employee innovation, innovative technology, innovation management, innovation system, and innovation environment; It is necessary to understand and tolerate failure, and to encourage innovation, so that innovation becomes a quality, a spirit, a fashion.

Talent concept: the right person is the right person, as long as they are willing and able to work hard for the company and actively contribute, it is the talent that the company needs. In the selection of talents, the first consideration is personnel knowledge and skills and job needs, so that the two achieve the best combination, maximize the expertise and ability of each employee.

Quality concept: high standards, refinement, and zero defects are the basic requirements of the enterprise for employees and the basic working attitude of employees. High standards are prerequisites, refinement is the basic requirement, and zero defects are the ultimate goal. The three are interlinked and indispensable.

The concept of clean government: self-cultivation, morality, integrity, and leaving a name

Self-cultivation is to improve one's comprehensive quality through continuous learning of various cultural knowledge and professional skills; Lide is to strengthen one's self-cultivation and establish a good morality; integrity is to strictly abide by the party discipline, political discipline and various rules and regulations of the company Can stand the temptation to do things innocently and have a good reputation among the masses.



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