Smart Family

Smart Family

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The OBBO smart home solution aims to lead the smart home in the era of the Internet of Things, with the user community as the center, through natural human-computer interaction and distributed scene equipment, OBBO cloud to build a smart life platform to provide the Internet of Things for the industry The era smart home full-scenario ecological solution realizes the smart full-scenario and wins a new ecology; provides the user with the best family ecological experience of kitchen food, bathroom care, living, security, entertainment and so on.

Smart life starts with customizing your own personalized scene. You can also feel the warmth of your family when you are working hard outside. Smart home solutions not only illuminate your home, but also your intimate housekeeper. The ubiquitous light and the free-spirited intelligence make home a happy harbor.

From outdoor, door opening to indoor, artificial intelligence home solutions can fully meet your smart home needs. It is not only a total solution for a family, but also a personalized solution for each member of the family.

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