Smart Community

Smart Community

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The OBBO smart community solution makes full use of the integrated application of new-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc., to provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient modern and intelligent living environment for community residents, and then form A new type of management community based on information and intelligent social management and services. At the same time, all kinds of collected access control data, parking lot vehicle data, water and electricity gas remote operation meter data, air conditioning elevator and other equipment operation data and fire monitoring and alarm data are collected on the cloud server platform through the Internet to form equipment operation and abnormal alarms. Big data platform. Through effective analysis of the collected equipment data, the system can make timely predictions, timely alarms, and track the operation status of the equipment throughout the process, prevent accidents, reduce the operating costs of the property company, and improve work efficiency.

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